Children’s Literature

“And that, my friend, is how you make friends…”

  • Christmas and the Talking Tree [sample]

    by Keegan Burke

    A long time ago, near the city,
    but also near the forest, in the space in between…
    there was a lovely little farm, built by two loving parents,
    Desdemona and Ron,

    They left the farm in the care of their lovely daughter Rose for the winter.
    Rose’s farm had a dozen little fruit trees, a handful of berry bushes,
    a little milking shed, with a bed for the animals, a block to chop wood for the stove,
    and a pleasant little garden with a tall wire fence to keep out the bunnies, the squirrels, and deer.

    Rose lived alone, except for her purple horse, Sweetie,
    with whom she shared most of her time,
    three chickens, Bach, Brahms, and Beethoven, with whom she spent far too little time,
    and three sheep, Fimm Grimm and Shimm, with whom she spent the rest of her time.

    This morning began, like many other winter mornings, with a sonnet by Beethoven,
    joined by Sweetie and a squirrel on percussion.
    “Ocorocooh! Cockoro koroo! Ocorocoh, Cokoro koroo!”
    Beethoven serenaded Bach and Brahms.

    Stompety Stompety Stompidy Snort Phbhbff Rumble Jangle Barumble slap
    Sweetie galloped toward the house, farted merrily, and smacked Rose’s window with her tail.
    Knock knock knock knock knock Chew chew, snap! Craaack. toss. Munch munch munch
    A squirrel knocked a hazelnut on a tree branch, cracked it open, and consumed its contents merrily.

    Rose yawned, threw back the covers, and shuffled to the bathroom,
    where she washed, dressed, and otherwise prepared herself for the day.
    She stoked the fire and completed a few of her chores while she waited for breakfast.
    All the while, the morning’s music, like a tango, carried on.


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