“Who is this guy, anyway?”

Keegan Burke is a Freelance Writer, Teacher, and Chef from a small community near the border of California and Baja California Norte. He currently lives in Shizuoka, Japan, with his wife of fifteen years, her mother, and their dog.

  Keegan enjoys gardening, hiking, cooking and creating in his free time. He is currently working on his first novel, “The Wise Nisfurlon’s Greet,” a fantasy/sci-fi that takes place 10,000 years in the future, following the cataclysmic World Wind Storm. He has written several short stories and flash fiction pieces which are sampled on this site.

Prior to moving to Japan, Keegan taught for five years in the Highline School District, near Seattle, Washington. Mr. Burke, as he was known, was primarily a science teacher, teaching 7th grade science at Pacific Middle School for two years, and teaching high school Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at Highline High School and the Academy of Citizenship & Empowerment.

On arrival in Japan, he began teaching English with English Adventure Camps, an immersive outdoor language school for middle schoolers. He then moved on to using his culinary skills and experience as a baker in downtown Shizuoka City, at Pain Singe Bakery.

Keegan’s writing incorporates his passion for language, learning, life, science, adventure, and the art of story-telling. He hopes you will take a moment to peruse his site, and perhaps, if you sense a connection, you will come back to read more.

“Much love to all my readers, and to the friends, family, places and chance encounters that made me who I am today.”

— Keegan Burke